We are deeply invested in the conservation of furniture, artefacts and historic interiors.

Using traditional techniques and materials to minimise deterioration and stabilise treasured pieces to ensure they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Fife Arms Fireplace

One of our favourite restoration projects is this beautiful, 19th century walnut fireplace. It was originally made and carved by Gerrad Robinson of Newcastle and depicts various scenes from the works of Robert Burns.

Originally residing in Montrave House in Fife, it was sold at auction, brought to Braemar and installed in the reception of the Fife Arms Hotel. 

This was our biggest restoration project to date, taking over 300 hours to dismantle, rebuild and repolish. 

The Court Table - Crathes Castle 
National Trust for Scotland

This 17th century Court Table located in the long gallery, suffered damage to one of its oak legs. We then repaired the damage using Scotch/Animal glue, which would have traditionally been used when the table was first built.

Oak Doors, Leith Hall
National Trust for Scotland

These doors came to us, requiring a total overhaul of their structure and finish.

The doors were not of a traditional construction, which contributed to their deterioration over the years. However due to the hall being a Grade A listed building we were required to restore the doors, in the same way they were originally constructed with some minor adjustments.

We replaced rotten sections, removed the existing finish and refinished in oil to match the existing exterior of the building.