Trinity Hall

One of our major clients is Trinity Hall in Aberdeen, located at Trinity Corner on Holburn Street.

The Hall is home to The Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen, of which Tom has been a member of the Wrights and Coopers Incorporation for more than 30 years. 

The Seven Trades within the Hall are; Hammermen, Bakers, Wrights and Coopers, Tailors, Shoemakers, Weavers and Fleshers. 

Tom's essay piece

In 1982, Tom joined Trinity Hall as a member of the Wrights and Coopers Trade. Before joining he had to prove his craft, presenting a hand-made essay piece which was this afromosia table. 

The table features marquetry inlay of the Wrights and Coopers crest.  

Ceremonial Ross Chairs 

We were commissioned by ex Deacon Convener George Ross, of the Bakers Incorporation to make two European oak chairs, one for the Master of Trades Hospital and the other for Deacon Convener.

The display the crests of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. 

Oak Dining Chairs

This set of 150 oak dining chairs took over 9 years to restore. They were originally stained black, but were later lightened using bleaching techniques. The upholstery was carried out by Ian Webster, a member of the Tailors Incorporation.